The Munsters
Herman, The Tire Kicker

Thursday, 31st March 1966
 7:30 pm CBS

Series 2, Episode 28

When Herman goes to buy a new car for Marilyn, he does not realise the dealer is a crook and ends up with a pile of junk. He is later arrested for being in possession of a stolen car and spends an interesting afternoon locked up in a police cell.

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Thursday, 31st March 1966CBS1930MunstersHerman, The Tire Kicker

Fred Gwynne
Herman Munster
Yvonne De Carlo
Lily Munster
Al Lewis
Grandpa Munster
Pat Priest
Marilyn Munster
Butch Patrick
Eddie Munster
Frank Gorshin
Fair Deal Dan
Johnny Silver
Dennis Cross
Sgt. Stockwell
Pat McCaffrie
Officer Spengler