Perry Mason
The Case of the Crimson Kiss

Saturday, 9th November 1957
 7:30 pm CBS

Saturday, 9th November 1957CBS1930Perry MasonThe Case of the Crimson Kiss
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Raymond Burr
Perry Mason
Barbara Hale
Della Street
William Hopper
Paul Drake
William Talman
Hamilton Burger
Ray Collins
Lt. Tragg
Jean Willes
Anita Bonsal
Sue England
Fay Allison
Douglas Dick
Dane Grover
John Holland
Carver Clement / Phillip Walsh
John Holland
Carver Clement / Phillip Walsh
Connie Cezon
Gertie Lade
Joi Lansing
Vera Payson
Douglas Evans
Don Ralston - Tax Accountant
Frances Bavier
Louise Marlow
John Harmon
George Harlan
Frank Wilcox
Judge Randolph
Howard Culver
Dr. Bill Hawley
Don Anderson
Courtroom Spectator / Restaurant Patron
Jack Gargan
Court Clerk
Larry Hudson
Police Sergeant
Edwin Rochelle
Courtroom Spectator