Perry Mason
Case of the Ancient Romeo

Saturday, 5th May 1962
 7:30 pm CBS

Saturday, 5th May 1962CBS1930Perry MasonCase of the Ancient Romeo
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Harry Von Zell
Raymond Burr
Perry Mason
Barbara Hale
Della Street
William Hopper
Paul Drake
William Talman
Hamilton Burger
Ray Collins
Lt. Tragg
Jeff Morrow
Franz Lachman
Rex Reason
Steve Brock
Patricia Huston
Claire Adams
Antoinette Bower
Ellen Carson
Wesley Lau
Lt. Andy Anderson
Kendrick Huxham
Kelvin MacRae
Robert Cornthwaite
Carl Bruner
Willis Bouchey
Donald Curtis
Amos Martin
Stafford Repp
Shipping Agent
Rosemary Day
Helen Finney
Charles Stroud
Court Clerk
Lee Miller
Sgt. Brice
Bert Stevens
Courtroom Spectator
Don Anderson
Henry Whalen
Bess Flowers
Audience Member