Perry Mason
Case of the Festive Felon

Thursday, 28th November 1963
 9:00 pm CBS

Thursday, 28th November 1963CBS2100Perry MasonCase of the Festive Felon
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Raymond Burr
Perry Mason
Barbara Hale
Della Street
William Hopper
Paul Drake
William Talman
Hamilton Burger
Ray Collins
Lt. Arthur Tragg
Wesley Lau
Lt. Andy Anderson
Jon Hall
Max Randall
Sherry Jackson
Madeline Randall
Kathie Browne
Carla Eden
Anne Seymour
Hettie Randall
Jeff Morrow
Lawton Brent
Ray Stricklyn
Reed Brent
Gilbert Green
Chester Brent
Elisabeth Fraser
Eloise Brent
John Howard
Justin Grover
Nelson Leigh
the Judge
Anne Barton
BeBe Brent
Michael Fox
Marshall Reed
Louise Lewis
Mrs. Taylor
Don Anderson
Courtroom Spectator
Bert Stevens
Court Clerk