The Trial of Phineas Bogg

Sunday, 16th January 1983
 7:00 pm NBC
Sunday, 16th January 1983NBC1900VoyagersThe Trial of Phineas Bogg

Jon-Erik Hexum
Phineas Bogg
Meeno Peluce
Jeffrey Jones
Stephen Liska
Bill McLaughlin
Sam Houston
Jenny Neumann
Harry Townes
Prof. Garth
Barbara Beckley
John Anderson
Abraham Lincoln
Ed Begley Jr.
Wilbur Wright
Earl Boen
Rev. Parris
Steven Keats
Thomas Edison
Frank Koppala
Billy the Kid
William Lucking
Babe Ruth
Andrea Marcovicci
Donald Petrie
Orville Wright
Robert Ackerman
J.P. Morgan (archive footage)
Rachel Bard
Mrs. Lincoln (archive footage)
Tony Brafa
Boehm (archive footage)
Sondra Currie
Agnes Spence (archive footage)
Alexa Hamilton
Jane Phillips (archive footage)
Jennifer Holmes
Abiah Folger (archive footage)
Anne Lockhart
Amy Jones (archive footage)
John O'Connell
Stephen Jones (archive footage)
Arthur Rosenberg
Arthur Rosenberg (archive footage)
Lynn Philip Seibel
Grosvenor Lowrey (archive footage)
Guy Stockwell
Rev. Noise (archive footage)