Children of Jamestown

Sunday, 30th January 1983
10:00 pm NBC

In which the team rescue a fair damsel from the clutches of a religious cult, who also happen to armed to the teeth.

Sunday, 30th January 1983NBC2200A-TeamChildren of Jamestown

George Peppard
John "Hannibal" Smith
Dirk Benedict
Faceman Peck
Melinda Culea
Amy Allen
Dwight Schultz
Howling Mad Murdock
Mr. T
B.A. Baracus
Gerrit Graham
Brother Stephen
Ron Hayes
John Saxon
Martin James
John Carter
Sheila's Father
Sherilyn Wolter
Carolyn, Coulton's Daughter
Carol Jones
Sheila Rodgers
Fred Lerner
Brother John
Dean Wein
James's 2nd in command
Bill Watson
man in hard hat
Victoria Lucas