Simon and Simon
What's in a Gnome?

Thursday, 24th February 1983
 9:00 pm CBS

Thursday, 24th February 1983CBS2100Simon and SimonWhat's in a Gnome?
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Gerald McRaney
Rick Simon
Jameson Parker
Andrew Jackson 'A.J.' Simon
Eddie Barth
Myron Fowler
Barbara Beckley
Dr. Anderson
Mary Carver
Cecilia Simon
Judith Chapman
Denise Carroll
Richard Cox
Luke Dwyer
Grainger Hines
Vince Hurst
Ed Lauter
Col. Lawrence Grayson
Anne Lockhart
Lori Lightbody
Ted Markland
Ed Williams
Olan Soule
Minister (as Olan Soulé)
Alan Toy
Dodger Doyle