Simon and Simon
Simon Without Simon: Part 1

Thursday, 24th January 1985
 9:00 pm CBS

Thursday, 24th January 1985CBS2100Simon and SimonSimon Without Simon: Part 1
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Gerald McRaney
Rick Simon
Jameson Parker
Andrew Jackson 'A.J.' Simon
Mary Carver
Cecilia Simon
Tim Reid
Det. Marcel 'Downtown' Brown
Luca Bercovici
Bobby Williams
Ray Buktenica
Robert Talbot
Dolores Dorn
Miss Hemmings
Fritz Feld
Yoygen Skridlew
Radu Gavor
Ship's Officer
David Hedison
Austin Tyler
Kristen Meadows
Reporter Sally Edwards
Terrence O'Connor
Mrs. Ferguson
Jamie Rose
Nicolas Surovy
Sonny Foxx
Kenneth Tigar
Larry Trowbridge