Mr. Novak
One Way to Say Goodbye

Tuesday, 17th March 1964
 7:30 pm NBC

Tuesday, 17th March 1964NBC1930Mr. NovakOne Way to Say Goodbye
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James Franciscus
John Novak
Dean Jagger
Principal Albert Vane
Kathryn Hays
Jenny Peterson
Tom Nardini
Tony Sinclair
Glen Kramer
Robert Peterson
George Petrie
Charles Sinclair
Toni Basil
Marian Collier
Marilyn Scott
Larry Thor
Mr. Hendriks
Stephen Roberts
Stan Peeples
Kathleen Ellis
Mrs. Floyd
Vince Howard
Pete Butler
Andre Philippe
Everett Johns
Marjorie Corley
Miss Dorsey
Jeanne Bal
Jean Pagano
Peter R.J. Deyell