Shadow of the Noose
Gone for a Soldier

Wednesday, 15th March 1989
 9:25 pm BBC2

Wednesday, 15th March 1989BBC22125Shadow of the NooseGone for a Soldier

Jonathan Hyde
Edward Marshall Hall
Leslee Udwin
Henriette Kroeger
Terence Taplin
Arthur Newton (as Terry Taplin)
Michael Feast
Edgar Bowker
Irina Brook
Ethel Marshall Hall
David Rintoul
Captain James Fairbrother
Mary Conlon
Lady Frances Fairbrother
Natalie Forbes
Annie Dyer
Trevor Ray
Harry Bishop
Illona Linthwaite
Mrs. Grandt
Tim McInnerny
Lieutenant de Ponthieu
Peter Majer
Anny Tobin
Mrs. Favell
Gary Files
Mr. Justice Wills
Phil McCall
Jackson, Judge's clerk
Nicholas Coppin
M.R. Wilkinson, K.C.
Christopher Burgess
Inspector Upfold
Amanda Richardson
Mrs. Flood
Niven Boyd
Calum Shaw
Peter Clapham
Robin Polley
Clerk of the Court
D. Geoff Tomlinson
Jury Foreman