Jonny Quest
The Mystery of the Lizard Men

Friday, 18th September 1964
 7:30 pm ABC

Friday, 18th September 1964ABC1930Jonny QuestThe Mystery of the Lizard Men

Mike Road
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon
Tim Matheson
Jonny Quest
John Stephenson
Dr. Benton C. Quest
Vic Perrin
Roberts / Search Plane Pilot / Junior / Frogman Leader / Miguel (voice)
Nestor Paiva
Frogman 1 / Fishing Boat Helmsman / Doctor (voice)
Doug Young
Airplane Skipper / Mr. Corvin / Frogman (voice)
Don Messick
Bandit / Frogman 3 / Sailor on Dr. Quest's Ship (voice)