Wednesday, 16th December 1970
 8:00 pm Midlands

Wednesday, 16th December 1970Midlands2000UFOClose-Up
Saturday, 24th July 1971Anglia1715UFOClose-Up
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Ed Bishop
Cmdr. Ed Straker
George Sewell
Col. Alec Freeman
Michael Billington
Col. Paul Foster
Keith Alexander
Lt. Keith Ford
James Beckett
Dr. Young
Peter Burton
Dr. Murray
Gabrielle Drake
Lt. Gay Ellis
Antonia Ellis
Joan Harrington
Clive Endersby
Launch Control Harry
Neil Hallett
Mark Hawkins
Interceptor Pilot
Michael Billington
Col. Paul Foster
Jon Kelley
John Levene
Interceptor Pilot
Frank Mann
rocket launch controller
Dolores Mantez
Nina Barry
Georgina Moon
Skydiver Operative Lt. Sylvia Howell
Ayshea Brough
SHADO Operative
Gary Myers
Skydiver Capt. Lew Waterman
Mel Oxley
Space Intruder Detector SID (voice)
Bob Sherman
Launch Control 1st Operative
Grant Taylor
Gen. James Henderson
Alan Tucker
tracking station op.
Jeremy Wilkin
Skydiver Navigator Lt. Gordon Maxwell
Bob Howay
Launch Control 2nd Operative