Royal Air Force Shorts
Grand Slam


Air Ministry
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Training film about RAF Police procedures, framed around a story of smugglers in Egypt. The footage with actors was made in 1946, then cobbled together with documentary footage about procedure into a somewhat unwieldy film ten years later.

Lawrence O'Madden
Flight Sergeant Williams / Card Player
Kenneth Warrington
LAC W.E. Bender / Card Player
Bill Hodge
Corporal C.J. Edwards / Card Player
Richard Shayne
Shaw / Card Player
Unknown 3595-1956-01
Flight Lt. G. Dawson, DAPM
Anthony Baird
Unknown 3595-1956-02
Corporal at 73 MU
Unknown 3595-1956-03
Commanding Officer, 73 MU
Unknown 3595-1956-04
Station Poilce, 73 MU
Unknown 3595-1956-05
Armory Officer
Michael Medwin
NCO In Charge of Guardroom
Unknown 3595-1956-06
Air Ministry NCO
Unknown 3595-1956-07
Air Ministry Clerk
Unknown 3595-1956-08
Air Ministry Sergeant
Unknown 3595-1956-09
Lab Technician
Unknown 3595-1956-10
Native Woman (Bender's Contact)
Unknown 3595-1956-11
Black Marketeer
Unknown 3595-1956-12
Native Judge
Unknown 3595-1956-13
Native Policeman
Unknown 3595-1956-14
Unknown 3595-1956-15
RAF Police Sergeant at Airport

Dave Wright: Screencaps & Notes