Main Chance
What About Justice?

Wednesday, 18th June 1969

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John Stride
David Main
Kate O'Mara
Julia Main
Anna Palk
Sarah Courtney
George Innes
George Wilkinson
John Arnatt
Sidney Bulmer
Philip Bond
Peter Findon
Liz Bamber
Priscilla Graves
John Wentworth
Henry Castleton
Margaret Ashcroft
Margaret Castleton
Leslie Sands
Charles Arkwright
Frederick Danner
Anthony Arkwright
Peter Halliday
John Smith
David Lodge
Det. Chief Supt. Guthrie
Alan Bird
Det. Sgt. Rafferty
Julian Grant
Det. Con. Sharp
Willoughby Goddard
Sir Ernest Lang
Arthur Hewlett
Sir Archibald Maclaren
Robert Hartley
Michael Elwyn
Lord Radchester
Joan Peart
Mrs. Hume-Gilbert
Alfred Bell
Tobias Wheeler
John Atkinson
Martin Boddey
Gilbert Ellnet (as Martin Boddy)
Michael Atha
Old Page Boy