Z Cars
He Must Be Up To No Good : 2

Tuesday, 13th August 1968
 7:05 pm BBC1

Tuesday, 13th August 1968BBC11905Z CarsHe Must Be Up To No Good : 2

Paul Angelis
PC Bannerman
Pat Beckett
Elsie Grimshaw
Kenneth Benda
Sir Francis King
Tony Caunter
Reg Shepherd
Christopher Coll
Det. Con. Kane
Ron Davies
PC Roach
James Ellis
Sgt. Lynch
Bernard Holley
PC Newcombe
Sarah Lisemore
Terry Scully
Vincent Lewis
John Slater
Det. Sgt. Stone
Pauline Taylor
WPC Parkin
Meadows White
Tom Phillips
John Woodvine
Det. Insp. Witty