Lethal Weapon

Wednesday, 21st September 2016
 8:00 pm Fox

Following a heart attack, a cop is assigned a new partner who is somewhat reckless following the death of his wife and unborn child.

Sort of Lethal Weapon, the next generation although I was reminded more of Starsky and Hutch than Glover and Gibson. Good action scenes but a high degree of suspension of disbelief required.

Friday, 3rd March 2017ITV2100Lethal WeaponPilot

Wednesday, 21st September 2016Fox2000Lethal WeaponPilot

Damon Wayans
Roger Murtaugh
Clayne Crawford
Martin Riggs
Jordana Brewster
Maureen Cahill
Keesha Sharp
Trish Murtaugh
Kevin Rahm
Brooks Avery
Johnathan Fernandez
Chandler Kinney
Riana Murtaugh
Dante Brown
Roger Murtaugh Jr.
Floriana Lima
Miranda Riggs
Tony Plana
Ronnie Delgado
Veronica Milagros
Mrs. Alvarez
(as Veronica Diaz)
Rudolf Martin
Levon Tibibian
Gino Anthony Pesi
Daryl Hennicky
Charles Baker
Bank Robber
Sprague Grayden
Genie Babcock
Toni Trucks
Maria Torez
Peter Cortes
Oscar Alvarez
Colin Patrick Lynch
Carl Tart
Station Officer
Adrian Bustamante
Dutch-Barre Johnson
SWAT Leader
(as Dutch Johnson)
Jeff Houkal
Parking Security Guard
Amy Sutherland
Maternity Nurse
Britt Sanborn
OR Nurse