The One With Ross's Thing

Thursday, 1st May 1997

Bright Kauffman Crane Productions
Production Company
Warner Bros. Television
Production Company

Series 3, Episode 23

Phoebe gets herself into some relationship trouble when she reveals she is dating both a fireman and a schoolteacher at the same time. Monica gets excited after boyfriend Pete tells her he has something to discuss with her. The others, led by Rachel start discussing the probability of it being a proposal for marriage and take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile Ross seeks medical advice for an unexplained 'thing' on his buttocks.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019Nick0045FriendsThe One With Ross's Thing
Friday, 19th July 2019TBS1400FriendsThe One With Ross's Thing
Thursday, 15th August 2019TBS1130FriendsThe One With Ross's Thing
Friday, 27th September 2019TBS1130FriendsThe One With Ross's Thing

Jennifer Aniston
Rachel Green
Courteney Cox
Monica Geller
Lisa Kudrow
Phoebe Buffay
Matt LeBlanc
Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry
Chandler Bing
David Schwimmer
Dr. Ross Geller
Jon Favreau
Pete Becker
Kevin McDonald
Guru Saj
Matt Battaglia
Robert Gant
Richard Gant
Dr. Rhodes
Carole Goldman
Mrs. Becker
Douglas Looper
James Michael Tyler
Empire State Building
Empire State Building
World Trade Center
World Trade Center

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