Raised by Wolves
Raised by Wolves

Thursday, 3rd September 2020
12:01 am HBO Max

Androids raise a new human race on a new planet after an apocalyptic religious war on Earth.

Ambitious and visually stunning sci-fi gets off to a good start with crackerjack performances from Salim and Collin.

Fail Alert: Very difficult to work out which kid is which.

Amanda Collin
Abubakar Salim
Winta McGrath
Travis Fimmel
Brett Williams
Courtney Michael
Joshua James
Bronte Carmichael
Spiria 12 yrs old
Maya Seuffert
Spiria 4 yrs old
Isla Grace Hounsom
Spiria 8 yrs old (as Isla Hounsom)
Grace Li
Tally 4 yrs old
Liam de Wet
Gabin 4 yrs old
Owen de Wet
Gabin 8 yrs old
Jadon Holdsworth
Campion 4 yrs old
Munro Lennon-Ritchie
Campion 8 yrs old
Luhle Mbili
Mariall 4 yrs old
Dineo Pikini
Mariall 8 yrs old
Imaad Sasman
Walden 4 yrs old
Zac Wastie
Walden 8 yrs old
Ivy Wong
Vita (uncredited)
DeVille Vannik
Ark Guard 1 (uncredited)

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