Grange Hill
Episode #2.18

Friday, 2nd March 1979

Friday, 2nd March 1979BBC11710Grange HillPart 18
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George Armstrong
Alan Humphries
Sean Arnold
Mr. Llewellyn
Graham Ashley
Mr. Garfield
Kim Benson
Mary Johnson
Todd Carty
Peter 'Tucker' Jenkins
Mark Chapman
Andrew Stanton
Mark Chapman
Andrew Stanton
Bobby Collins
Michael Cronin
Mr. 'Bullet' Baxter
Rudi Davies
Penny Lewis (as Ruth Davies)
Vincent Hall
Michael Doyle
Robert Morgan
Justin Bennett
Terry Sue-Patt
Benny Green
Michael Percival
Mr. Mitchell
Maggie Riley
Mrs. McMahon
Paul Tropea
Donald Waugh
Joseph 'Hughsey' Hughes
James Wynn
Mr. Sutcliffe.