Part One: Master and Apprentice

Tuesday, 22nd August 2023

A pair of Sith types spring an empire type from where she had been imprisoned and make off.
Our title hero seeks the ark of the covenant, er, a map.

The colourful folk with the weird doughy heads get their own Star Wars spin-off or a spin off from the Rebels cartoon series whatever you prefer. And none of them have clearly seen the later film sequels to know the plot twists.

So far looks on about par with the Kenobi spin-off. So I rank them thus:
The Mandalorian
Kenobi / Ahsoka
Book of Boba Fett

Rosario Dawson
Ahsoka Tano
Natasha Liu Bordizzo
Sabine Wren
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Hera Syndulla
Ray Stevenson
Baylan Skoll
Ivanna Sakhno
Shin Hati
Ivanna Sakhno
Shin Hati
Diana Lee Inosanto
Morgan Elsbeth
Diana Lee Inosanto
Morgan Elsbeth
David Tennant
Eman Esfandi
Ezra Bridger
Mark Rolston
Captain Hayle
Shakira Barrera
First Officer Jensen Corbyt
Clancy Brown
Governor Ryder Azadi
Matthew Law
Captain Porter
Bonnie Wild
Navigator Droid
Kat Kuei Chen
Helm Officer
P.J. Johal
Comms Officer
Helen Sadler
HK Assassin Droid Leader
David W. Collins
Home One Comms Officer
Vinny Thomas
Senator Jai Kell
Michele Weaver
Lieutenant Callahan

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