Burke's Law
Who Killed the Kind Doctor?

Friday, 29th November 1963
 8:30 pm ABC

Friday, 29th November 1963ABC2030Burke's LawWho Killed the Kind Doctor?
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Gene Barry
Capt. Amos Burke
Gary Conway
Det. Tim Tilson
Regis Toomey
Det. Les Hart
Leon Lontoc
Joan Caulfield
Betty Techman
Annette Funicello
Dorrie Marsh
Celeste Holm
Helen Forsythe
James MacArthur
Larry Forsythe
Dewey Martin
Dominic Farrow
Sheree North
Myrtle 'Gigi' String
Susan Oliver
Janet Fielding
Elaine Devry
Sharyn Hillyer
1st Chorus Girl
Don Gazzaniga
Officer Jerry
George Sawaya
Joe - Police Officer
Jonathan Hole
Airlines Official
Phillip Reed
Dr. Eric Techman (as Philip Reed)