Burke's Law
Who Killed Vaudeville?

Wednesday, 23rd September 1964
 9:30 pm ABC

Wednesday, 23rd September 1964ABC2130Burke's LawWho Killed Vaudeville?
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Gene Barry
Capt. Amos Burke
Gary Conway
Det. Tim Tilson
Regis Toomey
Det. Les Hart
Leon Lontoc
Jim Backus
Herkimer Witt
William Demarest
Charlie Who
Eddie Foy Jr.
Claude Jester
Phil Harris
Gus Watt
Gypsy Rose Lee
Miss Bumpsy Cathcart
Gene Nelson
Danny Swift
Gloria Swanson
Miss Lily Boles
Shary Marshall
Alpha Zeta
Paul Dubov
Rags Maguire
Joni Webster
Robert Bice
Delivery Man (as Bob Bice)
Phil Arnold
Billy, Little Guy
Eileen O'Neill
Sgt. Gloria Ames