Burke's Law
Who Killed Merlin the Great?

Wednesday, 2nd December 1964
 9:30 pm ABC

Wednesday, 2nd December 1964ABC2130Burke's LawWho Killed Merlin the Great?

Gene Barry
Capt. Amos Burke
Gary Conway
Det. Tim Tilson
Regis Toomey
Det. Les Hart
Leon Lontoc
Nick Adams
Max the Mysterious
Janet Blair
Paul Lynde
Dr. McCoy
Paul Richards
The Great Grindle
Charles Ruggles
O. B. Danberry (as Charlie Ruggles)
Jill St. John
Pinky Likewise
Joan Huntington
Dr. Johnson
Robert Easton
Hapless Magician
Michael Fox
Coroner George McLeod
Ralph Moody
Cemetery Caretaker
William Woodson
Newscaster (as Bill Woodson)
Anthony Eustrel
Florist (as Antony Eustrel)
Eileen O'Neill
Sgt. Gloria Ames
Gil Frye
Merlin the Great