A Bit of a Do
The Inauguration of the Outer Inner Relief Ring Road

Friday, 17th November 1989

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David Jason
Ted Simcock
Gwen Taylor
Rita Simcock
Nicola Pagett
Liz Badger
Michael Jayston
Neville Badger
Stephanie Cole
Betty Sillitoe
Tim Wylton
Rodney Sillitoe
Bernard Gallagher
Councillor Mirfield
Bernard Gallagher
Councillor Mirfield
Sarah-Jane Holm
Jenny Simcock
Wayne Foskett
Elvis Simcock
Nigel Hastings
Simon Rodenhurst
Karen Drury
Carol Fordingbridge
Tracy Brabin
Sandra Pickersgill
Amanda Wenban
Lucinda Snellmarsh
Malcolm Hebden
Alec the Barman
Deborah Fairfax
Gareth Jefferson
Lager Lout
Malcolm Tierney
Geoffrey Ellsworth-Smythe