Dream On
The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Sunday, 7th July 1991

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Brian Benben
Martin Tupper
Chris Demetral
Jeremy Tupper
Denny Dillon
Toby Pedalbee
Wendie Malick
Judith Tupper Stone
Dorien Wilson
Eddie Charles
Tom Berenger
Nick Spencer
David Bowie
Sir Roland Moorecock
Mimi Rogers
Julia Montana
Stephen Furst
Leon Carp
Stephen Furst
Leon Carp
Martin Ferrero
Dr. Falco
Joey Travolta
Assistant Director
Mark Metcalf
The Creature
Fran Drescher
Anastasia Barzee
Coed #1
Jordan Brady
Frat Guy
Denice Duff
Sorority Girl (as Denise Marie Duff)
Barry Heins
Lucy Nalle
Production Assistant
Lisa Saxton
Coed #2
Yvonne De Carlo
Francesca Goldman
Eva Gabor
Roselle King
Ricardo Montalban
Alejandro Goldman
Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone