Dad's Army
Is There Honey Still for Tea?

Friday, 19th September 1975
 8:00 pm BBC1

Friday, 19th September 1975BBC12000Dad's ArmyIs There Honey Still for Tea?
Thursday, 17th October 2019GOLD1900Dad's ArmyIs There Honey Still for Tea?

Arthur Lowe
Capt. George Mainwaring
John Le Mesurier
Sgt. Arthur Wilson
Clive Dunn
LCpl. Jack Jones
John Laurie
Pte. James Frazer
Arnold Ridley
Pte. Charles Godfrey
Ian Lavender
Pte. Frank Pike
Bill Pertwee
Chief Warden Hodges
Gordon Peters
The man with the door
Robert Raglan
the Colonel
Campbell Singer
Sir Charles McAllister
Joan Cooper
Kathleen Saintsbury
Bud Flanagan
The Voice of (voice)
Colin Bean
Pte. Sponge