Out of the Frying Pan

Friday, 18th November 1988
 9:00 pm CBS

Friday, 18th November 1988CBS2100DallasOut of the Frying Pan
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Barbara Bel Geddes
Miss Ellie Ewing Farlow
Patrick Duffy
Bobby Ewing
Linda Gray
Sue Ellen Ewing
Larry Hagman
J.R. Ewing
Howard Keel
Clayton Farlow
Ken Kercheval
Cliff Barnes
Charlene Tilton
Lucy Ewing Cooper
Sheree J. Wilson
April Stevens
George Kennedy
Carter McKay
Andrew Stevens
Casey Denault
Cathy Podewell
Cally Harper Ewing
William Smithers
Jeremy Wendell
Charles Carroll
Prison Guard
Joshua Harris
Christopher Ewing
Omri Katz
John Ross Ewing
William Marquez
Cliff Potts
Boaz Harper
Sherril Lynn Rettino
Jackie Dugan