Danger Man
Name, Date and Place

Sunday, 22nd January 1961
 7:30 pm ITV

Charles Frend

To break up a murder-for-hire business with the perfect cover, Drake has to put a hit out on himself.

Another fine episode, though apparently too complicated to fit comfortably into a half-hour; note how much of the dialogue has been replaced with a voice-over, presumably to speed things along.

The hat Hardy is trying on is the same hat worn by Nigel Green in the previous episode. Cheeky!

-Thanks to Gerald Lovell and Philly for helping ID a lot of the extras!

-Dave W.

Sunday, 22nd January 1961ITV1930Danger ManName, Date and Place

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
Cyril Raymond
Collingwood Nash
Richard Wattis
Mr. Hardy
Kathleen Byron
Deirdre Nash
Patricia Marmont
Rosemary Hammond
Jean Marsh
Kim Russell
Susan Travers
Delena Kidd
Olive McFarland
Guy Deghy
Heinrich Vogel
Frederick Piper
Little Man on Bus
Guy Mills
Pietro Ambrosi (deceased)
Unknown Male 108
Crime Scene Photographer
Ian Selby
Crime Scene Doctor
Frank Maher
Detective Assisting Doctor
Ned Lynch
Arthur Howell
Policeman Guarding Door
Club Pianist
Unknown Male 127
Theatre Club Doorman
Cigarette Girl
James Lomas
Fat Man in Club
Emil Stemmler
Casino Dealer
John More
Card Player
Card Player
John Doye
Card Player
Ewart Wheeler
Casino Boss
Raymond Hodge
Casino Manager
Beaufoy Milton
Charles, Nash's Butler
Louise Nolan
John Gardiner
Bank Agent
Howard Greene
Joseph Tregonino
Paris Bellhop
Peter Hutton
Detective Sergeant Davis
Frank Sieman
Detective Inspector Mayers
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus

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