Danger Man

Sunday, 4th June 1961
 7:30 pm ITV

Drake is asked by a group of African intellectuals to intercede in their country's troubles before it develops into genocide. He poses as a gunrunner to gain access to the leader of the trouble, finding an ally in the most unlikely of places.

What would have been a run of the mill episode is made noteworthy by its nearly all-black cast (McGoohan and Chilcott are the only exceptions). This at a time when black actors were very limited in roles--just look at the credits of the actors involved, for example. Also a time when many African nations were just gaining independence. Ironic that it turned out to be the last episode of the first series. . .

-Dave W.

Sunday, 4th June 1961ITV1930Danger ManDeadline
Saturday, 20th January 1962Northern2030Danger ManDeadline

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
William Marshall
Saul Khano
Edric Connor
Barbara Chilcott
Mai Khano
Christopher Carlos
Earl Cameron
Professor Moma
Lionel Ngakane
Moses Amadu
Andre Dakar
Sir Aaron Nelson
John Harrison
Lloyd Reckord
Harcourt Curacao
Pearl Prescod
Native Woman

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