SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
71Episode12/15/197111:15 pmBBC1UK
72Macbeth02/01/197210:15 pmBBC1UK2
72Last Picture Show, Zee and Co02/22/197210:20 pmBBC1UK2
72Mary, Queen of Scots03/29/197210:45 pmBBC1UK3
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell02/26/197411:00 pmBBC1UK
76Episode03/28/197610:50 pmBBC1UK2
76Shootist/Murder by Death10/17/197610:40 pmBBC1UK1
7910/15/197910:55 pmBBC1UK11
82Body Heat, Fort Apache01/25/198210:40 pmBBC1UK1
Ghost Story, It Hurts Only When I Laugh02/01/198210:40 pmBBC1UK1
Eureka/That Championship Season05/09/198311:10 pmBBC1UK1
84Curse of the Pink Panther, The Big Chill02/20/198411:10 pmBBC1UK3
85Holcroft Covenant, Fletch09/24/198510:15 pmBBC1UK1
89Rain Man, Scandal, D.O.A.02/28/198910:45 pmBBC1UK2
Carlito's Way, The Good Son01/10/199411:50 pmBBC1UK1
2010RED2, Legend of the Guardians, Back to the Future10/20/201010:50 pmBBC1UK2323
2015Black Mass11/25/201511:05 pmBBC1UK3