Eight is Enough

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Never Try Eating Nectarines Since Juice May Dispense03/15/1977
1Pieces of Eight03/29/1977
1Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory04/05/1977
1V Is for Vivian04/26/1977
1Hit and Run05/03/1977
1The Gipper Caper08/10/1977
2Is There a Doctor in the House?09/14/1977
2Trial Marriage09/21/1977
2Double Trouble10/05/1977
2Mortgage Burnin' Blues10/19/1977
2Dark Horse10/26/1977
2The Bard and the Bod11/02/1977
2Children of the Groom: Part 111/09/1977
2Children of the Groom: Part 211/09/1977
2I Quit11/16/1977
2All's Fair in Love and War11/23/1977
2The Return of Auntie V11/30/1977
2Yes Nicholas, There Is a Santa Claus: Part 112/14/1977
2Yes Nicholas, There Is a Santa Claus: Part 212/14/1977
2A Hair of the Dog01/04/1978
2Author, Author!01/11/1978
2Much Ado About Garbage01/18/1978
2Dear Ms. Dinah01/25/1978
2Hard Hats and Hard Heads02/01/1978
2Seven Days in February02/08/1978
2The Boyfriend02/15/1978
2Great Expectations02/22/1978
2Long Night's Journey Into Day03/01/1978
2The Lost Weekend05/03/1978
2Poor Little Rich Girl05/10/1978
2Who's on First?05/17/1978
3Who's Crazy Here?09/06/1978
3Nine Is Too Much09/13/1978
3Here We Go Again09/20/1978
3Cinderella's Understudy09/27/1978
3Milk and Sympathy10/11/1978
3The Flunked and the Funked10/18/1978
3Cops and Toddlers10/25/1978
3The Hipbone's Connected to the Thighbone11/01/1978
3Fast and Loose11/08/1978
3War Between the Bradfords11/15/1978
3All the Vice President's Men11/22/1978
3You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore: Part 111/29/1978
3You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore: Part 211/29/1978
3Alone at Last12/06/1978
3The Yearning Point01/10/1979
3Moving Out01/17/1979
3Mother's Rule01/17/1979
3Inlaws and Outlaws01/24/1979
3Horror Story01/31/1979
3Just the Ten of Us02/14/1979
3Best of Friends02/21/1979
3The Kid Who Came to Dinner02/28/1979
3The Better Part of Valor03/07/1979
3Dads, Daughters, Different Drummers03/14/1979
3The Final Days05/02/1979
3Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy: Part 105/09/1979
3Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy: Part 205/09/1979
3The Graduates05/23/1979
4Merle the Pearl09/05/1979195
4The Cupid Crisis09/12/1979
4I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do09/19/1979
4Ten Ships in the Night09/26/1979
4The Night They Raided Bradfords10/03/1979
4The Devil and Mr. Bradford10/24/1979
4Big Shoes, Little Feet10/31/1979
4Fathers and Other Strangers: Part 111/07/1979
4Fathers and Other Strangers: Part 211/07/1979
4Letter to One Bradford11/14/1979
4Separate Ways11/21/1979
4Brotherhood, Sisterhood12/05/1979
4Mary, He's Married12/12/1979
4My Son, the Prom Queen01/09/1980
4The Courage to Be01/16/1980
4Semi-Centennial Bradford01/23/1980
4The Commitment01/30/1980
4Seven More Days in February02/06/1980
4The Return of Joe Simons02/13/1980
4Bradford vs. Bradford02/27/1980
4Official Positions03/19/1980
4A Matter of Mentors03/26/1980
4Roll Over Bradford04/02/1980
4A Little Triangle04/09/1980
4Finally Grad Night04/30/1980
5And Baby Makes Nine: Part 110/29/1980
5And Baby Makes Nine: Part 210/29/1980
5Welcome to Memorial Dr. Bradford11/12/1980
5The Maltese Airline Bag12/10/1980
5The Darlene Dilemma01/14/1981
5Second Thoughts01/21/1981
5David's Rib01/28/1981
5The Way We Were03/04/1981
5If the Glass Slipper Fits03/11/1981
5The Best Little Telethon in Sacramento03/28/1981
5Yet Another Seven Days in February04/04/1981
5The Idolbreaker: Part 104/11/1981
5The Idolbreaker: Part 204/18/1981
5Starting Over05/09/1981
5Father Knows Best?05/23/1981