In Living Color

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Wrath of Farrakhan04/21/1990USA18
1Lean on Me Beautiful04/28/1990USA
1A Date with Grace Jones05/12/1990USA
1Jheri's Kids05/19/1990USA
1Don King: The Early Years05/27/1990USA
1Endangered Species06/03/1990USA
1Introducing... Homey D. Clown06/17/1990USA
1Vera DeMilo06/24/1990USA
1Anton and the People's Court07/15/1990USA
1Homey D. Clown Returns09/09/1990USA
2Bigger Brother09/23/1990USA
2Hour of Power10/14/1990USA
2The Black Man's Guide to Understanding the Black Woman10/28/1990USA
2Laquita Meets Billy Dee11/11/1990USA
2Men on Vacation11/18/1990USA
2Anton's Thanksgiving11/25/1990USA
2Justice Legions of America12/16/1990USA
2Johnny Abdul01/13/1991USA
2Introducing... Fire Marshal Bill02/03/1991USA
2Anton in the Burbs02/17/1991USA
2PCN's Win, Lose or Draw02/24/1991USA
2Lil Magic's School Play03/03/1991USA
2Hour of Power: Tag Team Evangelists03/17/1991USA
2Super Fly03/31/1991USA
2The Best of in Living Color 204/14/1991USA
2Homey the Sellout: Part 104/14/1991USA
2Arsenio Hall of Justice04/28/1991USA
2Episode #2.2405/12/1991USA
2Dickie Peterson: Cherub of Justice09/01/1991USA
3Homey the Sellout: Part 209/22/1991USA
3Men on Televison Part 2: What Happened to Blaine?09/29/1991USA
3Clarence Thomas's First Day10/06/1991USA
3Green Eggs and the Guvment Cheese10/13/1991USA
3The Adventures of Handi-Boy10/20/1991USA
3Home Alone Again10/27/1991USA
3The Jackson Bunch11/03/1991USA
3Late Night with Mike Tyson11/10/1991USA
3Krishna Cop11/17/1991USA
3My Left Foot of Fury12/01/1991USA
3Anton and the Reporter12/08/1991USA
3Michael Jackson: Little Timmy's Not My Lover01/12/1992USA
3Grim Reaper01/19/1992USA
3Live Super Bowl Show01/26/1992USA
3George Bush Meets Tommy Wu02/02/1992USA
3Sidekick in Nam02/09/1992USA
3Hour of Power: Preachers on Trial02/09/1992USA
3Santa Fire Marshal Bill02/16/1992USA
3The Fist That Rocks the Cradle02/16/1992USA
3Club Ozone02/23/1992USA
3Anton and the Green Card03/01/1992USA
3Player's Club03/15/1992USA
3The Last Man on Earth03/29/1992USA
3Men on Football04/12/1992USA
3Michael Bolton04/19/1992USA
3Silly Cone05/10/1992USA
3Wanda on the Dating Game05/17/1992USA
4Rodney King and Reginald Denny Speak Out09/27/1992USA22
4Basic Instank10/04/1992USA22
4Mr and Mrs. Brooks10/11/1992USA
4Black People Awards10/18/1992USA
4Trail Mix-a-Lot10/25/1992USA
4Anton Returns11/01/1992USA
4Homey and Son11/08/1992USA
4Handi-Man Returns11/15/1992USA
4Men on Cooking11/22/1992USA
4Gays in the Military12/06/1992USA
4Driving Miss Shott12/13/1992USA
4The Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show12/20/1992USA
4Capital Hillbillies01/17/1993USA
4The Info Group01/24/1993USA
4Forever Silky02/07/1993USA
4Dirty Little Dick02/14/1993USA
4Passenger 22702/21/1993USA
4Mr. Rogers02/21/1993USA
4Rodney King02/25/1993USA
4Black People Show02/28/1993USA
4Duke and Cornbread Turner03/07/1993USA
4Thelma and Louise Jefferson03/21/1993USA
4Bunny Clive04/04/1993USA
4Stacy Koon's Police Academy04/25/1993USA
4In Living Color's Feedback Line04/25/1993USA
5Ike Strikes Back09/16/1993USA
5The Dirty Dozens09/23/1993USA
5Ike Turner and Hooch09/30/1993USA
5Unpoetic Justice10/07/1993USA
5The Irish Singer10/14/1993USA
5Droop! There It Is10/21/1993USA
5Circus of Black Stars10/28/1993USA
5Sam Kinison: Live from Hell11/04/1993USA
5All Up in the Family11/11/1993USA
5Wile E Coyote on Trial11/18/1993USA
5Umbilical Barry12/02/1993USA
5Mary Tyler Mo12/16/1993USA
5Wheel of Dozens12/20/1993USA
5The Gangasta Group01/13/1994USA
5East Hollywood Squares01/27/1994USA
5Hemorrhoid Guy02/03/1994USA
5The White League02/10/1994USA
5Mrs. Ikefire02/17/1994USA
5Dirty Dozens Tournament of Champions02/24/1994USA
5Infomercial Awards03/24/1994USA
5Sweet Tooth Jones04/07/1994USA
5Candy Cane's Last Show05/05/1994USA
5Ace and Main Man Meet Salt n Pepa05/05/1994USA
5The Scary Larry Show05/12/1994USA
5The Champ05/19/1994USA