SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Dear Diary - Et al09/15/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1In God, and Nobody Else, We Trust09/22/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA9
1The Great Kahuna09/29/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA8
1Daddy Come Home10/06/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1Gidget Gadget10/13/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1A Hearse, a Hearse, My Kingdom for a Hearse10/20/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1Gidget Is a Proper Noun10/27/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1Image Scrimmage11/03/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1Is It Love or Symbiosis?11/10/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1All the Best Diseases Are Taken11/17/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1My Ever Faithful Friend11/24/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1Chivalry Isn't Dead12/01/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA12
1The War Between Men, Women and Gidget12/08/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1Gidget's Foreign Policy12/15/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1Now There's a Face12/22/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA
1Too Many Cooks12/29/1965 8:30 pmABCUSA8
1I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Think01/05/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Like Voodoo01/13/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Gidget's Career01/20/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Ego-a-Go-Go01/27/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1In and Out with the In-Laws02/03/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1We Got Each Other02/10/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Operation Shaggy Dog02/17/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Ringa-Ding-Dingbat 02/24/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Love and the Single Gidget03/03/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Take a Lesson03/10/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Independence -- Gidget Style 03/17/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1One More for the Road03/24/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Ask Helpful Hannah03/31/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1A Hard Night's Night04/07/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1I Have This Friend Who...04/14/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA
1Don't Defrost the Alligator04/21/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA