SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The World of Buckminster Fuller05/02/1964
1Pesticides and Posterity05/30/1964
1A Candle to Nature06/27/1964
1Strangeness Minus Three07/25/1964
1The Air of Science08/22/1964
1The Knowledge Explosion09/21/1964
1The Amateur Scientist10/19/1964
1Tots and Quots and the Woodgerie11/16/1964
1Science, Toys and Magic12/14/1964
1Learning from Machines01/06/1965
1The Technique of Change01/20/1965
1The Stargazers02/03/1965
1Science and the Artist02/17/1965
1The Great Computer Scandal/ H Bomb Detector03/03/1965
1Forbidden Events/I Am a Madman03/17/1965
1Restless Genius/Faster Farther, Higher03/31/1965
1The Other Side of the Pill/The Search for the Original Mind04/14/1965
1The ABC of War04/28/1965
1The Big Smoke05/12/1965
1The Long Slide/Men with Gills05/26/1965
1Men and Sharks/Sir Henry Dale06/09/1965
1Brain Gain/Sudden Night/Learning to Speak06/23/1965
1Dr.Joseph Needham/Mariner IV07/14/1965
1Science: Fact or Fiction?/Alone and Unarmed07/28/1965
1Certain of Uncertainty08/11/1965
1Time Stood Still/Weighty Matters08/25/1965
1Special- Fuel for the Future09/08/1965
1Let Newton Be09/22/1965 8:50 pmBBC2UK1
2Special Senses10/10/1965
2Thrombosis- an Affair of the Heart10/24/1965
210,000 Tombs11/07/1965
2Albert Szent/Toil, Sweat and Tears11/21/1965
2Big Dishes/The Living Stream12/05/1965
2Boys on Bubbles/Problems and Puzzles12/19/1965
2Windows on the Soul/Elixir of Youth01/02/1966
2The Troubled Mind/Triple A-S01/16/1966
2A Man of Two Visions/The Scientist Applied01/30/1966
2The Dolphins That Joined the Navy/Theory of the Earth02/13/1966
2Route 12802/27/1966
2Chance and Decay/Meteorite Mystery03/10/1966
2The Beginning of Life/Science Friction03/13/1966
2So You Want to Be an Inventor?/The Severed Hand03/27/1966
2The Towers of Ilium/The Exploding City04/24/1966
2Man in Space05/08/1966
2Destination Mars/Editors in Conference05/22/1966
2Man Meets Duck/The Picture Machines06/05/1966
2Where Must the Money Go?/ Phantoms Incorporated06/19/1966
2Genes in Action/Scientists and War07/03/1966
2The Lonely Children07/17/1966
2H.G. Wells/'Nature' Tomorrow07/31/1966
3M.I.T.'s ABC/The Disturbed Child09/25/1966
3Ten Years in the Antarctic10/10/1966
3The Athlete10/24/1966
3From Peenemunde to the Moon11/07/1966 9:45 pmBBC2UK
3Sex Change11/21/1966
3The Structure of Life- Penicillin12/05/1966
3The Wages of Life- the Brain Drain12/19/1966
3Hand Me My Sword, Humphrey12/25/1966
3Son of Cain01/17/1967
3When Is 'A Body Dead?01/30/1967
3How Best to Make a Man/Scientist02/14/1967
3Dynamo- the Life of Faraday02/28/1967
3How Safe Is Surgery?03/28/1967
3Sleep and Dreams04/11/1967
3The Shape of War to Come04/25/1967 9:05 pmBBC2UK1
3Masters of the Desert05/23/1967
3Cancer-The Search for a Virus06/06/1967
3Cancer: The Smoker's Gamble06/20/1967
3Science and the Supernatural07/04/1967
4War of the Boffins09/12/1967
4A Wee Dram of C14/One Over the 80 Mils09/26/1967
4Lords of the Sea10/10/1967
4Will Art Last?10/24/1967
4Air Safety: The Unknown Factor11/07/1967
4The Life and Death of the Pine Processionary11/21/1967
4Koestler on Creativity12/05/1967
4The World of Ted Serios12/19/1967
An Ingenious Man - Sir H. John Baker01/02/1968 8:00 pmBBC TwoUK
4An Ingenious Man- John Baker01/02/1968
4Man's Best Friends ...In Research01/30/1968
4Once a Junkie...02/13/1968
4Towns, Traffic and Tomorrow.02/27/1968
4The Man Makers03/12/1968
4Man in Search of Himself03/26/1968
4Investigating Murder04/09/1968
4The Equation of Murder05/07/1968
5The Lindemann Enigma09/12/1968
5From Field to Factory09/19/1968
5Comfort on Ageing09/26/1968
5Experiments in War10/03/1968
5Medicine in Russia10/10/1968
5Medicine in Africa10/17/1968
5The Broken Bridge10/24/1968
5Children Without Words10/31/1968
5The Computer Revolution11/07/1968
5Doctor's Dilemma11/14/1968
5Alfred Nobel'11/21/1968
5Wheels Within Wheels11/28/1968
5Black Man- White Science12/05/1968
5The Hidden World12/12/1968
5The Talgai Skull12/19/1968
5Phantasmagoria12/24/1968 9:55 pmBBC2UK
5Inside Every Fat Man01/02/1969 9:00 pmBBC TwoUK
5If Only They Could Speak01/09/1969
5The Eye01/16/1969
5The Gifted Child01/30/1969
5The Last of the Polymaths02/06/1969
5Music and the Mind02/13/1969
5The Drift from Science03/06/1969
5Power and Persuasion03/13/1969
5The View from Space03/20/1969
5The Unborn Patient03/27/1969
5The Physicist in the Kitchen04/03/1969
King Soloman's Garden04/10/19691
5King Solomon's Garden04/10/1969
5Muck Today, Poison Tomorrow04/24/1969
5Shark05/01/1969 9:40 pmBBC2UK
The Years of the Locust05/08/1969 9:35 pmBBC2UK
5Technology and Self- Determination05/15/1969
5After Apollo05/22/1969
5Machines and People06/05/1969
6Science on Safari09/15/1969
6A True Madness- Schizophrenia09/22/1969
6Problems of Pain09/29/1969
6Four Fast Legs and a Nose10/06/1969
6Father of the Man10/13/1969
6Master of the Microscope10/20/1969
6Snap, Crackle and Bang11/03/1969
6Cancer Now11/10/1969
6There's a Rhino in the Sugar11/17/1969 9:40 pmBBC2UK
6Fit to Live?11/24/1969
6Don't Cackle Lay Eggs12/01/1969
6How Much Do You Drink?12/08/1969
6A Game of War12/15/1969
6For the Safety of Mankind12/29/1969
6Just Another World01/05/1970
6Henry Royce, Mechanic01/12/1970
6A Disease of Our Time- Stress01/19/1970
6A Disease of Our Time- Heart Attacks01/26/1970
6Sex and Sexuality02/02/1970
6Who's Coast?02/16/1970 8:50 pmBBC2UK
6A Much Wanted Child02/23/1970
6After the Iron Age03/09/1970
6Let the Therapy Fit the Crime03/16/1970
6The World Outside03/23/1970
6The Word03/30/1970
6The Drifting of the Continents04/13/1970
6A Case of Priority04/20/1970
6The Fretful Elements04/27/1970
6One Man's Meat05/11/1970
6Only Skin Deep07/08/1970
6Wolves and the Wolfmen07/13/1970
6A Measure of Uncertainty08/10/1970
6Don't Get Sick in America08/24/1970
6Crown of Thorns08/31/1970
7Noah's Ark in Kensington09/07/1970
7Water, Water...09/21/1970
7All Creatures Great and Small09/28/1970 9:00 pmBBC TwoUK
7Child for a Lifetime10/05/1970
7Something for Our Children10/12/1970
7Million Ton Tanker11/02/1970
7The Insect War11/09/1970
7The Savage Mind11/16/1970
7Mind the Machine11/30/1970
7Square Pegs12/07/1970
7The City That Waits to Die12/14/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK
7The Man Who Talks to Frogs12/21/1970
7The Gargantuan Triumph of Science12/28/1970
7Wildlife - The Last Great Battle01/04/1971
7Great Ormond Street01/18/1971
7A Bulldozer Through Heaven01/25/1971 9:20 pmBBC2UK
7Rumours of Wars02/01/1971 9:20 pmBBC2UK
The Expert Witness02/08/1971 9:20 pmBBC2UK9
7I'm Dependent: You're Addicted02/15/1971 9:20 pmBBC2UK
7Kuru - To Tremble with Fear02/22/1971
7Due to lack of interest, tomorrow has been cancelled03/08/1971 9:20 pmBBC2UK
7What Kind of Doctor?03/15/1971 9:25 pmBBC2UK
7A Nice Sort of Accident to Have03/22/1971
7The Wood04/05/1971 9:20 pmBBC2UK
7The Measure of Man04/12/1971
7Three Score Years and Then?04/26/1971
7Darwin's Bulldog05/03/1971
7The Secret05/10/1971
7What Every Girl Should Know05/17/1971
7Taste of Foods to Come05/24/1971
7Looking for a Happy Landing05/31/1971
7A Case of Depression06/07/1971
7The Total War Machine06/14/1971
7The Dinosaur Hunters06/21/1971
Patently Absurd12/27/1971 8:10 pmBBC2UK6
Digging Up the Future11/03/1974 5:25 pmBBC2UK1
The Glazed Outlook06/09/1975 9:30 pmBBC2UK
The Transplant Experience01/05/1976 9:50 pmBBC2UK
The Selfish Gene11/15/1976 9:55 pmBBC2UK
The Mystery of King Arthur and his Round Table12/25/197612:15 pmBBC2UK
Silent Speech07/29/1977 9:00 pmBBC TwoUK
The Red Planet01/13/1978 9:30 pmBBC TwoGB
The Eddystone Lights02/24/197810:15 pmBBC2UK11
Light of the 21st Century03/10/197810:20 pmBBC2UK
A Mediterranean Prospect04/09/1979 9:25 pmBBC2UK
Brave New Babies?02/20/1984 9:30 pmBBC2UK1