SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Everybody's Expo10/13/1967
1Suliotis Sings10/20/196710:25 pmBBC1UK
1Tyger Tyger11/10/196710:25 pmBBC1UK7
1East of Bedlam11/24/1967
1The World of Coppard12/15/1967
1Dante's Inferno12/22/1967
1Diaghilev: The Years Abroad01/02/196810:25 pmBBC OneUK
1Diaghilev - The Years in Exile01/09/1968
Edith Evans - A Birthday Tribute01/16/196810:30 pmBBC1UK
1Edith Evans: A Birthday Tribute01/16/1968
1Top Brass01/23/1968
1The Exile02/06/1968
1God's Tunes04/02/1968
1China and the Barbarians04/23/1968
1Whistle and I'll Come to You05/07/196810:25 pmBBC1UK99
1My Name Is Benvenuto Cellini05/18/1968
1The Charm of Dynamite: Abel Gance05/28/1968
1Corporal Jan06/18/196810:25 pmBBC1UK6
1The Ken Russell Festival: Part 1 - A House in Bayswater/Prokofiev06/25/1968
1The Ken Russell Festival: Part 2 - The Dotty World of James Lloyd/Always on Sunday07/02/1968
2Song of Summer09/15/1968
2J.B. Priestley09/22/196810:35 pmBBC1UK
2Olympia 193609/29/196810:25 pmBBC1UK1
2Blow the Wind Southerly10/06/1968
2The Long Farewell11/10/1968
2Graham Greene: The Hunted Man11/17/1968
2Paul Gauguin: Quest for Silence11/24/1968
2Rubinstein Speaks12/01/1968
2Hadrian VII12/08/1968
2Tallulah Bankhead12/12/1968
2Make a Joyful Noise12/22/1968
2Eric Porter12/29/1968
2The Man Who Dances01/12/1969
2The Woman from the Shadows01/19/1969
2Makers of the Queen's Music01/26/1969
2From Today, Painting Is Dead02/02/1969
2Myrna Loy02/16/1969
2Malcolm Arnold03/02/1969
2A Couple of Brians-Two Poets03/23/1969
21969 Oscar Awards04/20/1969
2Raymond Chandler: Down These Mean Streets a Man Must Go04/27/1969
2The More We Are Together05/04/1969
2Lawrence Durrell's Paris05/11/1969
2Margot Fonteyn: Birthday of a Ballerina05/18/1969
2The Actors Changing Face: Acting Styles in the 20th Century05/25/196910:30 pmBBC1UK5
2Vladmir Ashekenazy: The Vital Juices Are Russian06/01/1969
2What If Its Just Green Cheese?07/20/1969
3Sir Adrian Boult08/17/1969
3Sir Henry Wood09/07/1969
3Omnibus at the Third Leeds International Piano Competition09/21/1969
3George Robey09/28/196910:00 pmBBC1UK
3Sir Malcolm Sargent10/05/1969
3What the Hell Ever Happens in Marlborough?10/19/1969
3F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Dream Divided10/26/1969
3Christopher Isherwood: A Born Foreigner11/02/1969
3The Confessions of Marion Evans/George Elliot11/23/1969
3Noel Coward12/07/1969
3Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid?12/14/1969
3Tommy Steele and Things12/21/1969
3Unashamed Accompanist: Gerald Moore12/28/1969
3Ian Fleming Creator of the James Bond Myth01/04/1970
3Virginia Woolf: A Day's Sail, a Night's Darkness01/18/1970
3Anna Pavlova: 1881 - 193101/25/1970
3Rope Ladder to the Moon: Jack Bruce02/01/1970
3John Clare - I am02/08/197010:00 pmBBC1UK10
3Dance of the Seven Veils02/15/1970
3Who Will Buy a Bubble?02/22/1970
3Ralph Vaughan Williams03/01/1970
3On the Waltz03/15/1970
3The Wandsworth Sound04/05/197010:20 pmBBC1UK
31970 Oscar Awards04/12/1970
3Kenneth More04/18/1970
3To Leningrad with Love04/26/1970
3The Hollywood Image-The Silent Era05/03/1970
3The Hollywood Image-The Talkies05/10/1970
The Hollywood Image: The Post-War Years05/17/197010:20 pmBBC1UK
3The Hollywood Image-The Post War Years05/17/1970
3A Vow Fulfilled: Oberammergau 197005/31/1970
3The Other Edward Heath06/28/1970
3Satchmo at 7007/05/1970
Eisenstein Part 212/13/197010:00 pmBBC1UK
The Last Samurai09/24/197210:20 pmBBC1UK
Eleventh Hour: The Boundary09/20/197510:40 pmBBC1UK
2Cream's Farewell Concert11/01/1977
Pure Radio11/03/197710:15 pmBBC1UK
Natalia Makarova03/29/197910:20 pmBBC1UK4