Doctor at Large

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Now Dr. Upton02/28/1971 7:25 pmITVUK2221
1You've Really Landed Me in It This Time03/07/1971 7:25 pmITVUK87
1You Make Me Feel So Young03/14/1971ITVUK1110
1Doctor Dish03/21/1971ITVUK119
1Modernising Major03/28/1971ITVUK76
1Congratulations - It's a Toad!04/04/1971ITVUK1312
1Change Your Partners04/11/1971 7:25 pmITVUK6
1Trains and Notes and Veins04/18/1971 7:25 pmITVUK4
1Lock, Stock and Beryl04/25/1971ITVUK6
1Upton Sells Out?05/02/1971ITVUK5
1Saturday Matinee05/09/1971ITVUK7
1Where There's a Will...05/16/1971ITVUK10
1Students at Heart05/23/1971ITVUK5
1No Ill Feeling!05/30/1971 7:25 pmITVUK14
1Let's Start at the Beginning06/06/1971 7:25 pmITVUK7
1It's All in the Mind06/13/1971ITVUK5
1Cynthia Darling06/20/1971ITVUK9
1A Little Help from My Friends06/27/1971ITVUK10
1Devon is Lovely at this Time of Year07/04/1971ITVUK7
1Operation Loftus07/11/1971ITVUK10
1Mother and Father Doing Well07/18/1971ITVUK25
1A Joke's a Joke07/25/1971ITVUK5
1Pull the Other One!08/01/1971ITVUK95
1It's the Rich Wot Gets the Pleasure08/08/1971ITVUK29
1Things That Go Mump in the Night08/15/1971ITVUK8
1Mr. Moon08/22/1971ITVUK10
1The Viva08/29/1971ITVUK10
1Bewigged, Bothered and Bewildered09/05/1971ITVUK9
1A Situation Full of Promise09/12/1971ITVUK31