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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Stage Stop09/15/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Circle of Fire09/22/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Fugitive Road10/06/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Star Trail10/13/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Lawbreakers10/20/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Iron Captain10/27/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1General Delivery11/03/1959USA
1The Run to Tumavaca11/10/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The General Must Die11/17/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Dark Verdict11/24/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Man of Gold12/01/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Bare Knuckles12/08/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Lonesome Gun12/15/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Night of the Quiet Man12/22/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Pass12/29/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Trail Drive01/12/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Day of Vengeance01/19/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA8
1The Legend of Lily01/26/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Death Wind02/02/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Company Man02/09/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Rope of Steel02/16/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA6
1Duel at Alta Mesa02/23/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Street of Hate03/01/1960USA
1Ride or Die03/08/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Hour After Dawn03/15/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Protectors03/22/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Saddle and Spur03/29/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Midnight Rebellion04/05/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Cemetery Road04/12/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Men of Defiance04/19/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Strange Company06/06/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Queen of Diamonds09/20/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Track of the Jackal09/27/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Three Roads West10/04/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Ride the Wild Wind10/11/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Ride into Darkness10/18/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Long Riders10/25/1960USA
2The Dark Trail11/01/1960USA
2.45 Calibre11/15/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2License to Kill11/22/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Drifter's Gold11/29/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2No Second Chance12/06/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Duel at Parkinson Town12/13/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2A Sound of Bells12/27/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Passing of Kuba Smith01/03/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Man from Kansas01/10/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Killer Without Cause01/24/1961USA
2Stolen Tribute01/31/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
The Last Dutchman02/14/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Cactus Lady02/21/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Riders of the Night03/07/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
The Mark of the Maneaters03/14/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Rimrock03/21/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Run of the Hunted04/04/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Two for the Gallows04/11/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Debt04/18/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Killer Odds04/25/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Bitter Glory05/02/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Tumbleweed Wagon05/09/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Trigger Point05/16/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Badge of the Outsider05/23/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Men in Shadows05/30/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA6
2Widow in White06/13/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3Dragon at the Door09/26/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3Ladies Day10/03/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA13
3Siege at Jubilee10/10/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Mountain Men10/17/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
The Fatal Stop10/24/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Last Journey10/31/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3Deadly Is the Night11/07/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Accusers11/14/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3Wolf Cub11/21/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3Handful of Fire12/05/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Killer Legend12/12/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Jailbreakers12/19/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Lawless Seven12/26/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Perfect Gift01/02/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA9
3The Barefoot Kid01/09/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA10
3Shadows in the Dust01/16/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Runaway01/23/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Confederate Express01/30/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA10
3The High Country02/06/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA10
3A Grave for Cully Brown02/13/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Runt02/20/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Dynamiters03/06/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Day of the Savage03/13/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3Justice in a Hurry03/20/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Replacement03/27/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3The Turn of the Wheel04/03/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3Trial by Fire04/10/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
3Fall into Darkness04/17/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Among the Missing09/25/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4War Hero10/02/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Fortune Hunter10/09/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Shadow of the Past10/16/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Long Road Back10/23/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Lost Allegiance10/30/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Sunday Shoot11/13/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Double Eagles11/20/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Beyond Justice11/27/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Bad Blood12/04/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Time of the Traitor12/11/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
4Gun Duel12/25/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Naked Steel01/01/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
4Vengeance01/08/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
4Protective Custody01/15/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Betrayers01/22/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Wedding Party01/29/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA12
4No Place to Run02/05/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Fugitives02/12/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
4The Dispossessed02/19/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
4The Renegade Brand02/26/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Violent Ones03/05/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Unvanquished03/12/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA9
4The Sometime Gambler03/19/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Edge of Evil04/02/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Broken Honor04/09/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Last Battleground04/16/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Stranger04/23/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Marshals04/30/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Badge of Glory05/07/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4Trapped05/14/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
4The Road to Helena05/21/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA