Captain Video and His Video Rangers

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Code of Honor12/25/1950
The Power of Leonis08/13/1951
The Space Hawk09/03/1951
In the Clutches of the Klaw02/18/1952
Birth of the 'Galaxy'03/24/1952
Operation Micromail04/21/1952
Operation Venus05/16/1952
Space Race07/07/1952
The Threat of the Rogue World07/25/1952
The Green King09/22/1952
Spartak Returns01/12/1953
The Quest for the Philosopher's Stone03/16/1953
The Black Nebula04/06/1953
The Wonkie04/27/1953
Errand of Mercy05/11/1953
Black Planet Academy05/18/1953
Operation Treachery09/28/1953
I, Tobor11/02/1953
The Talisman of Power12/21/1953
The Invisible Saboteur01/04/1954
The Star Ship of the Past02/01/1954
The Man from Tomorrow03/15/1954
The Enemy from Within: Part 104/12/1954
Doctor Pauli's Planet03/07/1955
The Swordsmen of Lyra03/14/1955