Saturday Playhouse

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Man Upstairs01/04/1958UK
1The Distaff Side01/18/1958UK
1Heroes Don't Care02/01/1958UK
1Britannia of Billingsgate02/15/1958UK
1The Corn Is Green03/01/1958UK
1Design for Murder03/15/1958UK
1My Flesh, My Blood03/29/1958UK
1Ladies in Retirement04/12/1958UK
1A Likely Tale04/26/1958UK
1And No Birds Sing05/10/1958UK
1Carry On, Admiral05/24/1958UK
1French Without Tears06/07/1958UK
1High Heaven07/05/1958UK
1The Ware Case07/19/1958UK
1The Fourth Wall08/02/1958UK
1Dr. Angelus08/16/1958UK
1A Young Affair08/30/1958UK
1The Dover Road09/13/1958UK
1Day of Retirement09/27/1958UK
1A Private Eye for Pennsylvania10/11/1958UK
1Four for Solitaire10/25/1958UK
1The Duke in Darkness12/06/1958UK
1The Magistrate12/20/1958UK
1So Many Children12/27/1958UK
1Murder on the Agenda02/14/1959UK
1Golden Rain02/28/1959 8:35 pmBBCUK9
1While the Sun Shines03/28/1959UK
1The Cat and the Canary05/09/1959UK
1The Larford Lad06/20/1959UK
1Black Chiffon07/04/1959UK
1My Young Brother07/18/1959UK
1Love and Miss Figgis08/01/1959UK
1Unfinished Journey08/08/1959UK
1The Cathedral08/15/1959UK
1Last Day in Dreamland08/29/1959UK14
1It Isn't Enough09/26/1959UK
1Haul for the Shore10/24/1959UK
1Bed and Breakfast11/21/1959UK
1The Farmer's Wife12/05/1959 8:35 pmBBCUK
1Through a Glass Darkly12/19/1959UK
1Conflict at Kalanadi01/16/1960UK
1The Difficult Age01/30/1960UK
1Going Like a Fox02/13/1960 8:40 pmBBCUK5
1The Return of Peggy Atherton02/27/1960UK
1Home and the Heart03/12/1960UK
1A Matter of Age03/26/1960UK
1Devonshire Cream04/09/1960UK
1The Country Boy04/23/1960UK
1The Man Who Came to Dinner05/07/1960UK
1Marriage Settlement05/21/1960 8:15 pmBBCUK
1The Guinea Pig06/04/1960UK
1The Breadwinner06/18/1960UK
1On the Edge07/16/1960 8:10 pmBBCUK30
1Dream Girl08/13/1960UK
1The Shop at Sly Corner08/27/1960UK
1Family Occasion10/08/1960UK
1The Bachelor Brothers10/22/1960UK
1Your Obedient Servant11/19/1960UK
1The Druid Circle12/03/1960UK
1The Colonel12/17/1960UK
1A Run for the Money12/31/1960UK
1A Sense of Guilt01/14/1961UK
1The Four Poster01/28/1961UK
The House with Green Shutters02/11/1961 9:00 pmBBCUK1
1The House with the Green Shutters02/11/1961UK
1A Perfect Stranger02/25/1961UK
1Seagulls Over Sorrento04/01/1961UK