Captain America

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Chapter One: The Purple Death02/05/1944CinemaUSA2323
Chapter Two: Mechanical Executioner 02/12/1944CinemaUSA40
Chapter Three: The Scarlet Shroud 02/19/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Four: Preview of Murder02/26/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Five: Blade of Wrath03/04/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Six: Vault of Vengeance03/11/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Seven: Wholesale Destruction03/18/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Eight: Cremation in the Clouds03/25/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Nine: Triple Tragedy04/01/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Ten: The Avenging Corpse04/08/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Eleven: The Dead Man Returns04/15/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Twelve: Horror on the Highway04/22/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Thriteen: Skyscraper Plunge04/29/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Fourteen: The Scarab Strikes05/06/1944CinemaUSA
Chapter Fifteen: The Toll of Doom05/13/1944CinemaUSA