Barney Bear

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Bear That Couldn't Sleep06/10/1939
The Fishing Bear01/20/194011
The Prospecting Bear03/08/1941
The Rookie Bear05/17/1941
The Flying Bear11/01/1941
The Bear And The Beavers03/28/1942
Wild Honey11/07/1942
Barney Bear's Victory Garden12/26/1942
Bah Wilderness02/13/1943
The Uninvited Pest07/17/1943
Bear Raid Warden09/09/1944
Barney Bear's Polar Pest12/30/1944
The Unwelcome Guest02/17/1945
The Bear And The Bean01/31/1948
The Bear And The Hare06/26/1948
Goggle Fishing Bear01/15/1949
The Little Wise Quacker11/08/1952
Busybody Bear12/20/1952
Barney's Hungry Cousin01/31/1953
Cobs And Robbers03/14/1953
Heir Bear05/30/1953
Wee-Willie Wildcat06/20/1953
Half-Pint Palomino09/26/1953
The Impossible Possum03/28/1954
Sleepy-Time Squirrel06/19/1954
Bird-Brain Bird Dog07/30/1954