Sam Benedict

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Hannigan09/15/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
A Split Week in San Quentin09/22/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA8
Nor Practice Make Perfect09/29/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
Nothing Equals Nothing10/06/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Tears for a Nobody Doll10/13/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Twenty Aching Years10/20/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Maddon's Folly10/27/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Hear the Mellow Wedding Bells11/03/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Life Is a Lie, Love Is a Cheat11/10/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
The Bird of Warning11/17/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA6
The View from an Ivory Tower11/24/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Everybody's Playing Polo12/01/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Too Many Strangers12/08/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
So Various, So Beautiful12/15/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Where There's a Will12/22/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA31
The Target Over the Hill12/29/1962 7:30 pmNBCUSA6
Not Even the Gulls Shall Weep01/05/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
The Boiling Point01/12/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Green Room, Grey Morning01/19/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Run Softly, Oh Softly01/25/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Sugar and Spice and Everything...02/06/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Some Fires Die Slowly02/16/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA9
Image of a Toad02/23/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Seventeen Gypsies and a Sinner Named Charlie03/02/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA9
Accomplice03/09/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Read No Evil03/16/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA12
Of Rusted Cannons and Fallen Sparrows03/23/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA
Season for Vengeance03/30/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA