One Foot In The Grave

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Alive And Buried01/04/1990 9:30 pmBBC1UK98
1The Big Sleep01/11/1990UK1514
1The Valley Of Fear01/18/1990 9:30 pmBBC1UK1312
1I'll Retire To Bedlam01/25/1990UK1716
1The Eternal Quadrangle02/01/1990 9:30 pmBBC1UK87
1The Return Of The Speckled Band02/08/1990 9:30 pmBBC1UK98
2In Luton Airport, No-One Can Hear You Scream10/04/1990BBC1UK88
2We Have Put Her Living In The Tomb10/11/1990UK76
2Dramatic Fever10/18/1990UK1514
2Who Will Buy?10/25/1990 9:30 pmBBC1UK98
2Love And Death11/08/1990UK109
2Timeless Time11/15/1990UK32
2Who's Listening12/27/1990 9:30 pmBBC1UK1110
2The Man In The Long Black Coat12/30/1991UK98
3Monday Morning Will Be Fine01/02/1992UK1110
3The Broken Reflection02/16/1992UK1514
3The Beast In The Cage02/23/1992UK87
3Beware The Trickster On The Roof03/01/1992UK1211
3The Worst Horror Of All03/08/1992UK1211
4The Pit And The Pendulum01/31/1993UK87
4Descent Into The Maelstrom02/07/1993UK109
4Hearts Of Darkness02/14/1993UK1413
4Warm Champagne02/21/1993UK1110
4The Trial02/28/1993UK21
4The Secret Of The Seven Sorcerors03/07/1993UK1110
4One Foot In The Algarve12/26/1993UK1817
5The Man Who Blew Away12/25/1994UK6
5Only a Story01/01/1995UK
5The Affair of the Hollow Lady01/08/1995UK1
5Rearranging the Dust01/15/1995UK
5Hole in the Sky01/22/1995UK3
5The Exterminating Angel01/29/1995UK11
5The Wisdom of the Witch12/25/1995UK
The Executioner's Song10/16/2000UK
Tales of Terror10/23/2000UK
The Futility of the Fly10/30/2000UK
Threatening Weather11/06/2000UK
The Dawn of Man11/13/2000UK10
Things Aren't Simple Anymore11/20/2000UK10