Open All Hours

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Open All Hours03/25/1973USA7
Full Of Mysterious Promise02/20/1976USA8
A Mattress On Wheels02/27/1976USA5
1A Nice Cosy Little Disease03/05/1976USA81
Beware Of The Dog03/12/1976USA5
1Well Catered Funeral03/19/1976USA7
Apples And Self Service03/26/1976 7:35 pmGOLDUSA7
2Laundry Blues03/01/1981USA77
2The Reluctant Traveller03/08/1981 7:00 pmGOLDUSA66
2Fig Biscuits And Inspirational Toilet Rolls03/15/1981 7:40 pmGOLDUSA7
2The New Suit03/22/1981 7:00 pmGOLDUSA8
2Arkwright's Mobile Store03/29/1981 7:10 pmGOLDUSA88
2Shedding At The Wedding04/05/1981 7:40 pmGOLDUSA7
2St Albert's Day04/19/1981 7:35 pmGOLDUSA6
An Errand Boy By The Ear03/21/1982 6:50 pmGOLDUSA9
3The Ginger Men03/28/1982 7:40 pmGOLDUSA9
Duet For Solo Bicycle04/04/1982 7:35 pmGOLDUSA9
How To Ignite Your Errand Boy04/11/1982 7:40 pmGOLDUSA9
The Man From Down Under04/18/1982 7:40 pmGOLDUSA9
3The Cool Cocoa Tin Lid04/25/1982 7:35 pmGOLDUSA8
4Soulmate Wanted09/01/1985USA9
4The Housekeeper Caper09/15/1985USA9
4The Errand Boy Executive09/22/1985USA7
4Happy Birthday Arkwright09/29/1985USA8
The Mystical Boudoir Of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel10/06/1985USA9