Ray Bradbury Theater

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Marionettes, Inc.05/21/19856
1The Playground06/04/1985
1The Crowd07/02/1985
1The Town Where No One Got Off02/22/1986
2The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl01/23/1988
2The Emissary02/13/1988
2The Man Upstairs03/05/1988
2The Small Assassin04/09/1988
2Punishment Without Crime04/16/1988
2On the Orient, North04/29/1988
2The Coffin05/07/1988
2Tyrannosaurus Rex05/14/1988
2There Was an Old Woman05/21/1988
2And So Died Riabouchinska05/28/1988
3The Dwarf07/07/1989
3A Miracle of Rare Device07/14/1989
3The Lake07/21/1989
3The Wind07/28/1989
3The Pedestrian08/04/1989
3A Sound of Thunder08/11/1989
3The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone08/18/1989
3The Haunting of the New09/15/1989
3To the Chicago Abyss09/22/1989
3Hail and Farewell09/30/1989
3The Veldt11/10/1989
3Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!11/17/1989
4Mars Is Heaven07/20/1990
4The Murderer07/27/1990
4Touched with Fire08/03/1990
4The Black Ferris08/10/1990
4Usher II08/17/1990
4Touch of Petulance10/12/1990
4And the Moon Be Still as Bright10/19/1990
4The Toynbee Convector10/26/1990
4The Day It Rained Forever11/09/1990
4The Long Years11/16/1990
4Here There Be Tygers11/30/1990
5The Earthmen01/03/1992
5Zero Hour01/10/1992
5The Jar01/17/1992
5Colonel Stonesteel and the Desperate Empties01/24/1992
5The Concrete Mixer01/31/1992
5The Utterly Perfect Murder02/07/1992
5Let's Play Poison02/14/1992
5The Martian02/21/1992
6The Lonely One07/10/1992
6The Happiness Machine07/17/1992
6Tomorrow's Child08/14/1992
6The Anthem Sprinters08/21/1992
6By the Numbers09/11/1992
6The Long Rain09/19/1992
6The Dead Man09/26/1992
6Sun and Shadow10/03/1992
6Silent Towns10/10/1992
6Downwind from Gettysburg10/17/1992
6Some Live Like Lazarus10/24/1992
6The Handler10/27/1992
6Fee Fie Foe Fum10/28/1992
6Great Wide World Over There10/29/1992
6The Tombstone10/30/1992