Quincy, M.E.

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Go Fight City Hall... to the Death10/03/1976USA
Who's Who in Neverland10/10/1976USA
A Star Is Dead11/28/1976USA
Hot Ice, Cold Hearts01/02/1977USA
Snake Eyes: Part 102/04/1977USA
...The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone...02/11/1977USA21
Visitors in Paradise02/18/1977USA
The Two Sides of Truth02/25/1977USA
Hit and Run at Danny's03/11/1977USA
Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?03/18/1977USA
A Good Smack in the Mouth04/15/1977USA
The Hot Dog Murder04/22/1977USA
An Unfriendly Radiance04/29/1977USA
Sullied Be Thy Name05/06/1977USA
Let Me Light the Way05/27/1977USA
No Deadly Secret09/16/1977USA
A Blow to the Head... A Blow to the Heart09/23/1977USA
A Dead Man's Truth09/30/1977USA
A Question of Time10/14/1977USA
Death Casts a Vote10/21/1977USA
Tissue of Truth10/28/1977USA
Holding Pattern11/04/1977USA
Main Man11/11/1977USA
The Hero Syndrome11/18/1977USA
Touch of Death12/02/1977USA
The Deadly Connection12/09/1977USA
Last of the Dinosaurs12/16/1977USA
Accomplice to Murder12/23/1977USA
Matters of Life and Death01/20/1978USA2524
Crib Job02/03/1978USA
Ashes to Ashes02/10/1978USA
Gone But Not Forgotten02/17/1978USA
Double Death03/03/1978USA
Requiem for the Living03/10/1978USA
The Last Six Hours09/21/1978USA
Speed Trap10/12/1978USA
A Test for Living10/19/1978USA
Death by Good Intentions10/26/1978USA
Even Odds11/09/1978USA
Dead and Alive11/16/1978USA
No Way to Treat a Body11/30/1978USA
A Night to Raise the Dead12/07/1978USA
A Question of Death01/04/1979USA
House of No Return01/11/1979USA
A Small Circle of Friends01/18/1979USA
The Depth of Beauty01/25/1979USA
Walk Softly Through the Night: Part 102/01/1979USA
Dark Angel02/15/1979USA
Physician, Heal Thyself02/22/1979USA
Promises to Keep03/01/1979USA
An Ounce of Prevention03/22/1979USA
The Death Challenge03/24/1979USA153
The Eye of the Needle04/12/1979USA
No Way to Treat a Flower09/20/1979USA
Dead Last09/27/1979USA
By the Death of a Child10/04/1979USA
Never a Child10/11/1979USA
Hot Ice10/18/1979USA
Sweet Land of Liberty10/25/1979USA
Mode of Death11/01/1979USA
Nowhere to Run11/08/1979USA
The Money Plague11/15/1979USA
For the Benefit of My Patients11/22/1979USA
Murder by S.O.P.11/29/1979USA
Diplomatic Immunity01/17/1980USA
Honor Thy Elders01/24/1980USA
Unhappy Hour02/14/1980USA
The Winning Edge02/21/1980USA
New Blood02/28/1980USA
The Final Gift03/20/1980USA
Deadly Arena03/27/1980USA
No Way to Treat a Patient04/30/1980USA
Last Rights09/16/1980USA
A Matter of Principle11/12/1980USA
Last Day, First Day11/19/1980 8:15 amITV4USA
The Night Killer11/26/1980USA
The Hope of Elkwood12/03/1980USA26
Welcome to Paradise Palms12/17/1980USA
By Their Faith01/07/1981 8:55 amITV4USA
Stain of Guilt01/14/1981 8:55 amITV4USA
Dear Mummy01/21/1981 1:05 amITV4USA
Jury Duty01/28/1981 8:50 amITV4USA
Scream to the Skies02/11/1981USA24
Who Speaks for the Children02/25/1981USA
Seldom Silent, Never Heard03/04/1981 8:50 amITV4USA
Of All Sad Words03/11/1981 8:55 amITV4USA
To Kill in Plain Sight03/18/1981 8:50 amITV4USA
Sugar and Spice04/01/1981USA11
Vigil of Fear05/06/1981 8:50 amITV4USA
Memories of Allison10/28/1981USA2
The Golden Hour11/04/1981USA
Slow Boat to Madness: Part 111/11/1981USA
Slow Boat to Madness: Part 211/18/1981USA
For Want of a Horse12/09/1981USA
Gentle Into That Good Night12/16/1981USA
Dead Stop12/23/1981USA
Bitter Pill01/06/1982USA
Guns Don't Die01/13/1982USA
When Luck Ran Out01/20/1982USA
Smoke Screen01/27/1982USA
For Love of Joshua02/03/1982USA
Into the Murdering Mind02/10/1982USA
To Clear the Air02/17/1982USA
The Shadow of Death02/24/1982USA
The Flight of the Nightingale03/03/1982USA
Stolen Tears03/17/1982USA
The Face of Fear03/24/1982USA
Expert in Murder03/31/1982USA
The Unquiet Grave04/07/1982USA
The Last of Leadbottom04/28/1982USA
Deadly Protection05/05/1982USA
The Mourning After05/12/1982 2:40 pmITV4USA
Baby Rattlesnakes09/29/1982USA
Ghost of a Chance10/06/1982USA
Give Me Your Weak10/27/1982USA
Dying for a Drink11/03/1982USA
Unreasonable Doubt11/10/1982USA
Sleeping Dogs11/17/1982USA
Science for Sale11/24/1982USA
Next Stop, Nowhere12/01/1982USA
Across the Line12/08/1982USA
Sword of Honor, Blade of Death12/15/1982 8:10 amITV4USA
The Law Is a Fool01/05/1983 2:35 pmITV4USA
Guilty Until Proven Innocent01/12/1983 8:10 amITV4USA
Cry for Help01/19/1983 8:40 amITV4USA
A Loss for Words01/26/1983 2:35 pmITV4USA
Beyond the Open Door02/02/1983USA
On Dying High02/09/1983USA
Quincy's Wedding: Part 102/16/1983USA
Quincy's Wedding: Part 202/23/1983USA
Murder on Ice03/09/1983USA
Women of Valor03/16/1983USA
Suffer the Little Children03/23/1983USA
An Act of Violence04/27/1983USA
Whatever Happened to Morris Perlmutter?05/04/1983USA
The Cutting Edge05/11/1983USA