SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The C-Team/The Chipettes09/17/198335
1Uncle Harry/Rock 'n' Robot09/24/198324
1The Television Stars/The Cruise10/01/198324
1The Chipmunks Story10/08/198324
1Mr. Fabulous/Grandpa and Grandma Seville10/15/198324
1Unidentified Flying Chipmunks/Mother's Day10/22/198324
1The Chip-Punks/From Here to Fraternity10/29/198324
1Urban Chipmunk/The Incredible Shrinking Dave11/05/198325
1Angelic Alvin/The Trouble with Nanny11/12/198324
1The Bully Ballet/Alvin... and the Chipmunk11/19/198324
1Swiss Family Chipmunks/Santa Harry11/26/198324
1A Dog's Best Friend Is His Chipmunk/The Curse of Lontiki12/03/198324
1Baseball Heroes/May the Best Chipmunk Win12/10/198324
2The Chipmunk Who Bugged Me/Rich and Infamous09/08/198417
2Don't Be a Vidiot/A Horse, of Course09/15/198417
2The Camp Calomine Caper/Lights, Camera, Alvin09/22/198417
2Some Entrancing Evening/Match Play09/29/198417
2The Picture of Health/The Victrola Awards10/06/198417
2Royally Received/Gone Fishing10/13/198417
2Setting the Record Straight/Father's Day Muffins10/20/198417
2Alvin on Ice/Operation Theodore10/27/198417
2The Gang's All Here/Snow Job11/03/198417
2Maids in Japan/My Fair Chipette11/10/198417
2New, Improved Simon/The Greatest Show-Offs on Earth11/17/198417
2Guardian Chipmunks/Carsick11/24/198417
2Hat Today Gone Tomorrow/Snow Wrong12/01/198417
3Film Flam/The Secret Life of Dave Seville09/14/198510
3Who Ghost There?/Romancing Miss Stone09/21/198510
3A Chip Off the Old Tooth/Three Alarm Alvin09/28/198510
3Sisters/Court Action10/05/198510
3Good Old Simon/The Chipmunks Go to Washington10/12/198510
3Soccer to Me/Every Chipmunk Tells a Story10/19/198510
3A Little Worm in the Big Apple/Staying Afloat10/26/198510
3The Chipette Story11/02/198510
3The Prize Isn't Right/The Gold of My Dreams11/09/198510
3Mind Over Matterhorn/Alvin's Oldest Fan11/16/198510
4Help Wanted: Mommy09/13/19869
4Teevee or Not Teevee/A Rash of Babies09/20/19869
4Whatever's Happened to Dave Seville?/Simon Seville, Superstar09/27/19869
4Miss Miller's Big Gamble/Sweet Smell of Success10/04/19869
4Cinderella? Cinderella?10/11/19869
4Experiment in Error/How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?10/18/19869
4Middle-Aged Davey/I Love L.A.10/25/19869
4Chipmunk Vice/Hooping It Up11/01/19869
5Back to Dave's Future/Tell It to the Judge09/12/19878
5Sincerely Theodore/My Pharaoh Lady09/19/19878
5Simon Says/When the Chips Are Down09/26/19878
5Alvin, Alvin, Alvin!/Dave's Dream Cabin10/03/19878
5Old Friends/The Mystery of Seville Manor10/10/19878
5Ask Alvin/Theodore Lucks Out10/17/19878
5Big Dreams/Island Fever10/24/19878
5Just One of the Girls/Goin' Down to Dixie10/31/19878
6Elementary, My Dear Simon09/17/19882
6Dave's Getting Married09/24/19882
6Brunch Club10/01/19882
6No Chipmunk Is an Island/Babysitter Frightnight10/08/19882
6Food for Thought10/15/19882
6Going for Broke10/22/19882
6Treasure Island10/29/19882
6Once Upon a Crime11/05/19883
6The Phantom/Mad About Alvin11/12/19883
6Vinny's Visit11/19/19883
6Uncle Adventure/Luck O' the Chipmunks11/26/19883
6Wings Over Siesta Grande12/02/19882
6Theodore and Juliet/Quarterback in Curlers12/03/19883
6Grounded Chipmunk12/06/19882
6Alvie's Angels12/07/19882
6Cadet's Regrets12/08/19882
6Alvin in Analysis12/09/19882
6The Wall/The Amazing Chipmunks12/17/19883
6Theodore's Life as a Dog/Queen of the High School Ballroom01/07/19893
6Psychic Alvin/A Special Kind of Champion01/14/19893
6Alvin's Obsession/Alvin's Not So Super Hero01/21/19893
6Dave's Wonderful Life01/28/19893
7Home Sweet Home/All Worked Up09/09/19893
7Nightmare on Seville Street/Thinking Cap Trap09/16/19893
7Cookie Chomper III09/23/19893
7Bye George/A Day in the Life09/30/19893
7Like Father, Like Son/Dr. Simon and Mr. Heartthrob10/07/19893
7Too Hip to Be Dave/Hearts and Flowers10/14/19893
7Maltese Chipmunk/Dear Diary10/21/19893
7Unfair Science/Shaking the Family Tree10/28/19893
7Inner Dave/The Legend of Sleeping Brittany11/11/19893
7Three Chipmunks and a Puppy/Phantom of the Rock Opera11/25/19893
7The Return of Uncle Adventure/The Princess and the Pig12/02/19893
7Alvin in Neverland12/09/19893
7Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll12/16/19893
8Back to Our Future09/08/19904
8Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom10/06/19904
8Star Wreck (The Absolutely Final Frontier)10/13/19904
8S.T.: The Space Traveler10/27/1990
8Irrational Buffoon's European Vacation11/03/19902
8Chip Tracy11/10/19904
8Funny, We Shrunk the Adults12/01/19904
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman08/29/200010