Edgar Wallace Mysteries

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Urge to Kill03/??/19601817
£20,000 Kiss196315
Marriage of Convenience
Partners in Crime
The Fourth Square
Man at the Carlton Tower
Clue of the Silver Key
Attempt to Kill
Man Detained
Never Back Losers
The Sinister Man
Solo for Sparrow191
1Clue of the Twisted Candle09/09/19601816
1The Man Who Was Nobody09/15/1960
1Clue of the New Pin01/01/1961
2The Man at the Carlton Tower07/01/1961
2The Share Out02/01/1962
3Time to Remember07/01/196214
3Locker 6909/01/1962
3Death Trap10/01/1962
4The Set Up01/01/1963
4On the Run02/01/1963
4Return to Sender03/12/1963
4The Double04/01/1963
4The Rivals05/01/1963
4To Have and to Hold07/01/1963
5The Partner09/01/1963
5Accidental Death11/01/1963
5Five to One12/01/196318
5The Verdict02/01/1964
5We Shall See04/01/1964
5Act of Murder09/01/1964
5Never Mention Murder11/01/1964
6Game for Three Losers04/01/1965
6Change Partners07/01/1965
6Strangler's Web08/01/1965
6Dead Man's Chest10/01/1965