SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Bodies08/18/1964 7:35 pmBBC1UK19
1Rearing Its Ugly Head08/21/1964UK
1Campaigners All08/25/1964UK
1How to Make £250,00008/28/1964UK
1The Unspotted Genius09/01/1964UK
1Burnt Umber with Graining09/04/1964 5:35 pmBBC1UK17
1Jam and Maggots09/08/1964UK
1Dead Image09/11/1964 7:35 pmBBC1UK13
1A Reputation Cleared09/15/1964UK
1In for a Penny09/18/1964UK
1The Value of Silence09/21/1964 6:35 pmBBC1UK15
1A Proposal of Marriage09/23/1964 6:35 pmBBC1UK18
1A Very Important Occasion09/28/1964UK
1Dog Lovers Unite!09/30/1964UK
1A Threat from Outside10/05/1964UK
1Dead Reckoning10/07/1964 6:30 pmBBC1UK
1Blackmail10/12/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK20
1The Best Method of Defence10/14/1964UK
1A Council of War10/19/1964UK
1A Spy in the Camp10/21/1964UK
1A New Plan10/26/1964 6:30 pmBBC1UK21
1Balance of Power10/28/1964 6:30 pmBBC1UK23
1The Exercise11/02/1964UK
1The Spider's Web11/04/1964UK
1An Important Discovery11/09/1964 6:30 pmBBC1UK
1The Axe Falls11/11/1964 6:30 pmBBC1UK