Project 20

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Three Two One Zero09/13/1954
1Nightmare in Red12/27/1955
1The Twisted Cross03/14/1956
1The Great War: World War I10/16/1956
1The Jazz Age12/06/1956
1Call to Freedom01/07/1957
1The Innocent Years11/21/1957
1Meet Mr Lincoln02/11/1959
1Life in the Thirties10/16/1959
1Not So Long Ago02/19/1960
1The Real West03/29/1960
1Mark Twain's America04/22/1960
1Those Ragtime Years11/22/1960
1The Coming of Christ12/21/1960
1Victory at Sea12/29/1960
1The Story of Will Rogers03/28/1961
1The World of Bob Hope10/29/1961
1U.S. Grant, the Improbable Hero11/24/1961
1The World of Billy Graham11/29/1961
1Lee, the Virginian01/15/1962
1The World of Jimmie Doolittle01/18/1962
1He Is Risen04/15/1962
1The Tall American, Gary Cooper03/26/1963
1That War in Korea11/20/1963 7:30 pmNBCUSA1
1The Red, White, and Blue06/09/1964
1The Island Called Ellis01/13/1967
1End of the Trail03/16/1967
1The Law and the Prophets04/23/1967
1Down to the Sea in Ships12/11/19681
1Meet George Washington04/24/1969
1Mirror of America05/11/1969
1The West of Charles Russell01/07/1970
1The Shining Mountains05/27/1970